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The Back River Group is a distributor of sporting goods and footwear.   We are a family owned distribution and sales corporation whose story began 45 years ago.  BRG was created in 2004 and the group consists of our fantastic retailers, suppliers and sales team.


Our goal has been to use our family's years of experience in logistics/operations, sales, customer service, and marketing to successfully bring unique brands to the Canadian sports and footwear markets or provide these solutions to existing brands.


                                         WHY BRG?  

Each suppliers relationship is tailored so that the most effective structure can be put into place that will maximize sales.


Lines are chosen carefully and must fit our product criteria to ensure that our operation is both effective and efficient.  


We are experienced in the sales, marketing and managing of both accessory and non accessory based brands.


BRG is associated with boutique retailers across the country and many of Canada's major account retailers.


We work with 8 proven independent sales representatives which cover the country from coast to coast.


                                WE UNDERSTAND OUR MARKET


Canada is still a widely misunderstood country.  When 30 million people choose to spread themselves out across a vast land and have 2 official languages, it forms a unique market landscape.  We understand our country fully and this gives us a very important advantage in achieving the enduring success of our products.

About Us

Tel: 514-274-2400     [email protected]

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